OBA was set up by people who wanted an alternative working model from the traditional consulting firm. The model is simple: we are a team of independent, strongly networked consultants working within the OBA framework.
We have hand-picked the best and most entrepreneurial experts to provide high quality services from some of the
best organisations in the world.

Keep it flat: our success is built into our structure. There is no unnecessary hierarchy.
Keep it simple: you only pay for the consulting work, not for the expensive and inefficient overheads and processes of traditional consulting firms.
Keep it personal: we aim to bring the best of both worlds to your business: an insider’s personal approach but with the objectivity of the external expert.

The principle behind our business is to allow clients to solve each others business challenges.

We have been helping our clients to develop and roll-out groundbreaking strategies that are generated and implemented from within.

We uses a
peer-to-peer network that relies upon the imagination and experience of its members in tackling some of the toughest business challenges of today.

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The Managing Director of OBA is Bill Bronsky - see Bill's Profile