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We bring clients together (1to1) and develop innovative ideas to solve challenging business issues.

OBA has the ability to offer clients a
unique model of consulting to address many of their most challenging issues.

Combining both proven consultants from the world's top management consultancy firms, and a broad network of technical and industry experts from leading multinational companies, we can offer real client insights and go beyond what other traditional consultancies can offer.

Our consulting experience gives clients access to top-tier problem solving and project management skills whilst our technical/industry expertise ensures projects stay grounded in reality, generating actionable and practical advice.

Due to our business structure, we can offer this at a realistic price, which allows clients to develop a longer and more beneficial relationship with us.

The principle behind our business is to encourage clients to learn from each other. Our approach is not to have large engaged teams on projects for long periods of time but for OBA to act as a coach to clients, bringing strategic and operational experience to solve specific business issues. In the end problems are solved by businesses themselves.

OBA has a low cost base so can offer a much better value/cost proposition to clients than the traditional consulting companies. There are no junior or inexperienced consultants and no overheads supporting non-utilised consultants. The cost is typically half that of the traditional Big 4 or Strategy Consulting Firms.

The values of the OBA team reflect the
integrity, personality and capabilities of the individuals - not that of any one corporation.