Jan 2014

Winning Supply Chains of The Future

OBA - Winning Supply Chains Of The Future

Successful companies have a certain set of characteristics which are responsible for their winning supply chains.  There is a common pattern amongst the top performing companies regardless of the industry in which they operate their core business. Our believe is that these world leading supply chain ideas, techniques and processes can be translated and incorporated independent of your industry category.

In collaboration with
London Business School, OBA has conducted a 6 month research programme to define the characteristics and capabilities of the top performing companies - see Supply Chain Standard article OBA - Winning Supply Chains Of The Future.pdf.  A full copy of the report and further information can be obtained by contacting info@obaconsulting.com

The research focussed on how some of the best companies in the world perform in their supply chain across the following areas:

- Strategy & Governance
- Learning & Capabilities
- IT Systems

There are some crucial differentiators exhibited by the top performing organisations.

OBA S&OP Survey

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Connecting Supply & Demand! - The Global Survey of Sales and Operations Planning

In conjunction with
London Business School, OBA is pleased to announce the publication of the results from The Global Survey of Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) 2007.

The survey polled over 300 hundred multi-national companies from 16 different industry sectors

"This new survey by The Office for Business Architecture (OBA) and London Business School finds that whilst some organisations using S&OP have achieved significant benefits -
many companies still haven't overcome the many challenges to achieve a successful implementation."

Find Out The Biggest Challenges Organisations Face - And The 6 Critical Success Factors For Implementation.

"Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) has been in use for well over twenty years, but its real value has taken some time to emerge widely, particularly for large multi-regional organisations that use it to manage highly complex global supply chains.”

“One of the perceived key benefits of S&OP is to allow companies to align supply and demand in a way that maximises customer service, minimises working capital expenditure and makes sure that manufacturing unit costs are competitive. 
Even today these objectives remain a significant challenge for many organisations."

This definitive full report, with insight, challenges, successes and critical learning's from FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies - is available here.

The full report is available contact

This Global S&OP survey forms part of the Innovation Exchange series - where over 20 multi-national companies will come together to discuss, exchange ideas and insights and solve issues on S&OP.