Performance Benchmarking


OBA has conducted hundreds of benchmark studies across some of the worlds best performing organisations - learning about some of the best tools, techniques and processes across major business functions that will improve your business performance.
The best performing companies have a
certain set of characteristics which are responsible for their outstanding performance.  Our believe is that most of these companies are guided by specific ideas, behaviours, techniques and processes.  Most of which can be translated and utilised independent of your industry category. 

Getting involved in our Performance Benchmarking allows you to compare, explore and understand successes and failures from companies who are 2/5 years ahead with similar programs.

It also connects you into a longer term network of 
functional expertise in some of the worlds top performing organisations.  You get to understand some of the reasons behind their success and some of the challenges they currently face.
gaps in your performance, understand how to impact positively and learn
first hand how to improve business performance.
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OBA Performance Benchmarking